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Alternate name(s): Dzalgaon, Dzhalgaon, Dzhalgaone, Galgaon, Jalgaon, Jālgaon, jalagamo, jalagamva, jalaganva, jalagava, jalgaw, jalgawn, jalkav, jia er gang, jlgawn, Ĝalgaon, Џалгаон, Джалгаон, Джалгаоне, جالگاو, جالگاون, جلگاؤن, جلگاؤں, जलगाँव, जलगाव, जळगाव, জালগাঁও, જલગાંવ, ஜள்காவ், 加爾岡

Jalgaon pronunciation is a city in western India, to the north of the Maharashtra state in Jalgaon District, which itself is located on the northern Deccan Plateau. Located within the productive, irrigated agricultural region of Khandesh, Jalgaon has a municipal corporation which is home to 460,468 (...)


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