About Nanded

Alternate name(s): NDC, Nandair, Nanded, Nander, Nānded, Nānder, nadera, nan dai de, nan ded, nan theth, nandd, nandeda, nandedeu, nandedo, nandera, nandyd, nantet, nantetu, nndyd, Нандед, Нандер, ناندد, ناندید, ناندیڑ, ننديد, नांदेड, नांदेड़, नान्देड, ਨੰਦੇੜ, நாந்தேடு, நான்தேட், นันเดด, นันเทฑ, ナーンデード, 楠代德, 난데드

Nanded is the city in Maharashtra state of India. Nanded is 8th largest Urban agglomeration of Maharashtra. It is also headquarters of Nanded district and second largest city in Marathwada region after Aurangabad (...)