About Jalgaon

Alternate name(s): Dzalgaon, Dzhalgaon, Dzhalgaone, Galgaon, Jalgaon, Jālgaon, jalagamo, jalagamva, jalaganva, jalagava, jalgaw, jalgawn, jalkav, jia er gang, jlgawn, Ĝalgaon, Џалгаон, Джалгаон, Джалгаоне, جالگاو, جالگاون, جلگاؤن, جلگاؤں, जलगाँव, जलगाव, जळगाव, জালগাঁও, જલગાંવ, ஜள்காவ், 加爾岡

Jalgaon (pronunciation) is a city in western India. The village is located in northern Maharashtra, and serves as the administrative headquarters of the Jalgaon district. Jalgaon is incorporated as a municipal corporation, and in 2011 it had a population of 368,579 (...)