About Coimbatore

Alternate name(s): CJB, Coimbatore, Koimbator, Koimbatore, Koimbatur, Kojambuttur, Kojambuttúr, Kovai, Koyambattur, Koyambattūr, Koyamuttur, Koyamuttūr, ge yin bai tuo, keayampattuർ, ko'ibatura, ko'imabatore, ko'imbatora, ko'imbatura, koimbatoleu, kovai, koyambattura, koyambatturu, koyambatura, koyampattur, koyamputtur, koyanbutto~uru, kwymbatwr, kwymbtwr, Коимбатор, Коимбатур, Коїмбатор, كويمباتور, کوئمباتور, کويمبتور, کویمباتور, کویمبٹور, कोइंबतूर, कोयंबतूर, कोयम्बत्तूर, कोयम्बत्तूरु, কোইমবাতোরে, ਕੋਇੰਬਟੂਰ, કોઇમ્બતુર, କୋଇମ୍ବାଟୋର, கோயம்பத்தூர், கோயம்புத்தூர், கோவை, కోయంబత్తూరు, ಕೊಯಂಬತ್ತೂರು, കോയമ്പത്തൂർ, ကိုအင်ဘတောမြို့, კოიამპუტური, コーヤンブットゥール, 哥印拜陀, 코임바토르

Coimbatore , also known as Kovai , is a major city in the Indian state of Tamil Nadu. It is located on the banks of the Noyyal River and surrounded by the Western Ghats. Coimbatore is the second largest city (by area and population) in the state (after Chennai) and the 16th largest urban (...)