About Bhilai

Alternate name(s): Bhilai, Bhilai Nagar, Bhilaj Nagar, Bhilajus, Bhilāī, Bilaj, Bkhilai, balay, bhila'i, bhila'i nagara, bhilai nagara, bi lai, billai, birai, pilay, Билај, Бхилаи, بالای, بھلائی, بھیلائ, भिलाई, भिलै नगर, ভিলাই নগর, ଭିଲାଇ, பிலாய், ビラーイー, 比萊, 빌라이

Bhilai is a city in the district of Durg, Chhattisgarh, in eastern central India. The city is located west of the state's capital, Raipur, on the main Howrah–Mumbai rail line, and National Highway 6. Bhilai is known for the Bhilai Steel Plant, the only manufacturer of rails in the country used by (...)