About Allahābād

Alternate name(s): Alahabadas, Alla Abba Habab, Allahabad, Allahabad - ilahabada, Allahabad - इलाहाबाद, Allahābād, Allakhabad, Allāhābād, IXD, Ilahabad, Ilāhābād, Prayag, Prayāg, alakapat, an la a ba de, arahabado, elahabada, ilahabada, irahabado, Аллахабад, إلٰه‌آباد, الہ آباد, इलाहाबाद, এলাহাবাদ, அலகாபாத், アラハバード, イラーハーバード, 安拉阿巴德

Allahabad , also known as Prayag and Ilahabad, is a city in the Indian state of Uttar Pradesh and the administrative headquarters of Allahabad District, the most-populous district in the state. As of 2011, Allahabad is the in the state, fifteenth in the Northern India and thirty-sixth in India, with (...)